Lesson Plan : Introduction to Tall Tales

Teacher Name:
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Tall Tales and the Focus on exaggeration.
 What is a tall tale? Who are major tall tale characters? Review definition and characterists of tall tales.
 To have a definition of tall tales. To understand characteristics of tall tales. To name 2-3 Tall Tale Characters. the students will have a basic understanding of the definition and the characteristics of a tall tale.
 What are tall tales? What makes a story a tall tale? Who are different tall tale characters? What is a tall tale and what makes a story a tall tale? What is exaggeration? How can I show an example of exaggeration?
 Basic class materials.
 Begin by telling students a whopper. Yesterday, I was so hungry that I ate a cow, whole. After finishing that, I was so thirsty that I ran to the back yard, put a straw in the lake and drank all of its contents. Finally, I had to work off all of the food, so I did a little workout. I jogged to California, swam to Asia, ran across Asia and Europe, then swam across the Atlantic Ocean back to NC. 1. What did you notice about that story? 2. Am I a real person? Could I have ate, drank, and exercised yesterday? 3. Why is this story fiction? 4. We are going to be reading stories similar to this, they are called Tall Tales. Roundtable- person 1- A- What is a tall tale? Person 2-4 (B-D) give 1 characeristic of a tall tale. Roundtable again- (E-H) Each child will list a character. Complete on wipe boards.
 1. What is a tall tale? Circle map. Think-write-pair-share. Students will volunteer information for circle map. 2. Define a tall tale, working with students definitions and write on butcher paper above a T-Chart. 3. Explain that we are going to create a t-chart of characteristics. What are some characteristics of a Tall Tale. Brainstorm in teams, using wipe boards. 4. Write characteristics on chart. Students check off ones that they branistormed. 5. Students will copy characteristics on T-Chart. Review that the main characteristic of a tall tale is exaggeration. Define exaggeration and hyperbole. Complete exaggeration exercise. Model guided practice activity with, I am so strong...
 Read, The Bunyons and students will add in characteristics to the T-Chart. Guided practice.
 1. Tall Tale chart with characteristics already written in. 2. Place book on overhead.
Checking For Understanding:
 3-2-1 3 tall tale characters 2 characteristics of a tall tale 1 definition of a tall tale
 Review 3-2-1 Give results of vote.
 Evaluation of students independent work.
Teacher Reflections:
 Exaggeration or not exaggeration. Showdown. I was so hungry I ate a hamburger. I was so hungry I ate a whole cow. I was so tired, I slept the whole night. I was so tired, I slept for 6 weeks.

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