Lesson Plan : Character Traits in the book Charlotte's Web

Teacher Name:
 L. Stewart
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 Character traits and adjectives taught through literature.
 Recognizing positive character traits in the characters of Charlotte's Web. Key Vocabulary: caring, trustworthy, responsible, patient, kind, gentle, obedient,
 In this activity, students will define the characteristics of adjectives and find examples of the part of speech in a shared reading. Then students "become" one of the major characters in a book and describe themselves and other characters, using Internet reference tools to compile lists of accurate, powerful adjectives.
 review the characteristics of adjectives and identify examples in a text. define the literary term "character trait" and explore how to provide details that support their inferences. use adjectives to describe characters from a text they're read or listened to. conduct research using Internet reference resources to find accurate and descriptive word choice. explore perspective by writing descriptive word lists from the point of view of a character in a novel they've read recently.
 Class set of Charlotte's Web books, Character Traits List, Dictionaries and thesauruses, General classroom supplies
 After students have read a substantial portion of the novel discus the relative strengths, weaknesses, and attributes of various characters. Brainstorm all characteristics then categorize them.
 Discuss that character traits are adjectives. Adjectives describe a noun and character traits describe the character. Model describing persons, places and things using bubble maps on chart paper. Circle all adjectives that might describe the characters in Charlotte's Web.
 Assign characters to small groups and provide each group with dictionary, thesaurus, and character trait list. On large piece of butcher paper, group member draws assigned character, while other group members begin collecting adjectives and traits to describe the character. Group may create a clever graphic organizer to display identified describing words.
 Students will work in mixed ability groups and with partners to complete assigned tasks. More able learners can provide support for less able learners while assuming leadership roles within their groups or teams.
Checking For Understanding:
 Informal assessment can be used as students work on their lists of adjectives in the first sessions and character traits in the later sessions, observing students' engagement as well as their use of reference books and their lists of adjectives. Provide support and feedback as you move from group to group. As students go over the lists as a group, reinforce good choice of traits, noting both students' word choice and the connection between trait and character.
 Compare characters in Charlotte's Web to self, classmates, and other familiar book characters. Emphasize those characters who portrayed positive traits and how important it is for all of us to aspire to practice those behaviors.
 Students' ability to describe characters in other literature and situations. Students' to distinguish between positive and negative traits and character behaviors. Students' ability to connect character traits in story to real life situations.
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