Lesson Plan : Journalisam Unit

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Byrant
 Grade 9-10
 Literature Activities

 Journalism unit.
 Resources, Conclusion, steps, evaluation, and product.
 To assist students by joining and working in teams, also to learn the conduct and presicion of being on a demanded schedule.
 1)To allow student to become more organized, and more willing to participate. 2)To assist student with learning to follow an on demand schedule. 3)To allow the student to become more interactive with projects, and classwide discussions.
 Digitail Cmera,Computer w/ internet acess, and an editible photograph software.
 Students will create a school newspaper. Articles will include digitail images. Issues will be published by the students as they work in teams. This shall test their ability to navigate the internet. keyboarding skills, use of word processor and image editing software.
 In the students journalism team, they should choose story topics that intrest them. 1)Choose an Topic 2)Research the article 3)Draft the srticle 4)Edit the srticle-have a friend proof read it 5)Re-write the srticle 6)Do a spell check
 Students will be allowed first to copy down the guidelines for this unit! Students will work on this unit every day in class, starting in 1 month! That's when we will begin this unit!
 I as a teacher will give the students a list of Resources to insist that they find all the criteria of writing their material! Students should each team member, after enough information is collected, begin writing their own article, then bring all the articles from the group together to form their overalll article!
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be grading each student with a rubric that I have generated exactly for this Project! Not only will they be graded on this but on their individual progress as well!
 Teams will take turns publishing newspaper issues. The team publishing the newspaper will need to edit all of the srticles and format the images selected, including the text! After each team has published their own issue, as a class we will decide how often we will publish these issues, or just this once!
 5 Pts will be graded for content. 5 Pts will be graded for sources of information 5 Pts will be graded for the article being error free 5 Pts will be graded for notcing the content well organized. 5 Pts will be graded for Image is relevant & appropriate. 5 Pts will be graded for the article being authentic and intresting. 10 Pts will be graded for participation and teamwork! For a grand total of 40! Which will be interchanged to a 100, if the student recieve the maximum point level!
Teacher Reflections:
 My rflections for this unit are after completed I would like to countinue publishing these issues! I believe that every now and then it would give the students a little something fun to do!!! Your teacher, Lisa Byrant

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