Lesson Plan : World Literature

Teacher Name:
 Ms. McKeown, Ms. Blizman
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Spanish Poetry: Federico Garcia Lorca "The Guitar"
 Literature and World Languages Block 4 84 minutes 1.3.11.A Read and understand works of literature 1.6.11.E Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations
 Through this unit the student will gain an appreciation for poetry from diverse poets.
 The students will read the poem, "The Guitar" by Federico Garcia Lorca, in small groups. Each group will identify certain literary elements within the poem and analyze the poem for interpretation. To check for understanding, the groups will present their interpretation projects to the class.
 Notes on the author, Poem handouts, Guitar stencil, Scissors, Paper, Writing Utensils, Presentation rubric
 Objectives/Agenda: - Bell ringer - Lecture burst on author - Small group activity about poem - Small group presentations Anticipatory set: Bell ringer activity: In your journal, write a haiku about your favorite musical instrument. (5 minutes to complete activity)
 Body: 1. The teacher will introduce the author (Federico Garcia Lorca) 2. PowerPoint presentation on author (10 minutes to complete introduction and lecture) 3. Students will be assigned to small groups 4. Students will read the poem in their small groups 5. Within the small groups, the students will discuss what they have read, and analyze the poem by identifying the point of view, tone, reptitive images, personification, similes and metaphors, and theme 6. The teacher will hand out a presentation rubric and explain the expectations of the project 7. Students will prepare to present their findings to the class by doing an artistic activity, which is a guitar shaped poster including the literary elements they identified within the poem (Students will have 45 minutes to read, analyze and discuss the poem and prepare the presentation within the small groups) 8. Students will conduct their presentations to the class following the rubric guide (20 minutes)
 The teacher will monitor the small groups and give guidance/answer questions
 The teacher will split the class into groups, making certain the range of abilities complement each other (ex: lower level learning disabled students are mixed with high academic/average ability students)
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will score the small groups based on the criteria outlined in the presentation rubric
 Ticket out of the class - each group will list and discuss with the whole class 3 things learned during the lesson (4 minutes)
 Students will be evaluated on their participation in the small group discussions. The presentation will be evaluated based on the criteria established in scoring rubric.
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