Lesson Plan : Paragraph Reconstruction

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Durante
 Grade 5
 Literature Activities

 Paragraph Reconstruction (EDITED)
 PARAGRAPH: a group of sentences that all relate to one main idea TOPIC SENTENCE: the first sentence in a paragraph that tells what the paragraph will be about, focus, subject. DETAIL SENTENCES: sentences that provide detail information about the topic CONCLUSION SENTENCE: the last sentence in the paragraph that summarizes the what the paragraph has been about
 Students will cooperatively work together to reconstruct and agree on a proper paragraph, using sentence strips with the correct topic, detail, and concluding sentences. These will be in proper order.
 Given a sentence strip that has been placed upside down on their desks, students will find related sentences from their classmates organizing them into a proper paragraph.
 Five different paragraphs cut into sentences. A sentence for each student. One sheet of lined writing paper per group. Yellow, pink, and green highlighter per group.
 Using a KWL chart, review what students already know about writing a paragraph. Review order sequence for a paragraph.
 The teacher will then present a sample of a paragraph written in proper sequence, with each part of the paragraph highlighted. Students will review together before beginning their task. They will each be given a sentence strip, read it, and look for other classmates who have sentences related to the topic.
 Students will move about the room in silence shaking their head yes or no as they determine other sentences that relate to theirs. When they have three members of the paragraph group they will sit on the floor and other now will travel to them. When all five members are together they will discuss the proper order of their paragraph. Then they will copy it in cursive onto a sheet of lined paper. They will highlight the topic sentence in pink, detail sentences in yellow, and the conclusion sentence in green. They then will determine the topic/main idea of the papragraph. All members sign the sheet of paper.
 Students who experience difficulty in this area, will be assigned a buddy. They will be in the same paragraph group. The teacher will read for some students who cannot perform this task.
Checking For Understanding:
 Display a chart with the following questions: Do they have a topic sentence? Agree? Detail sentences? Agree? Concluding sentence? Agree? What is this paragraph's topic?
 Collect group paragraph on paper. Review with the class by displaying the teacher's original paragraph.
 Next day: Individuals use highlighters (same assigned colors as in reconstruction activity)to dtermine the topic, detail and conclusion sentences on a worksheet given by the teacher. They will draw a line through any sentence that does not belong in the paragraph. Next Day: Students will be expected to write their own paragraph about a topic they pick at randowm from a basket. The papragraph will contain three or more sentences, have a topic sentence, include simple supporting facts and descriptive details, include a closing.conclusion sentence that reminds the reader of what the paragraph was about. Revision time will be given and students will use the "Paragraph Checklist" to edit and revise. The students will share their paragraphs and be evaluated with a class discussion.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will reflect as the students complete the Evaluation section of this plan. How well the students perform will help the teacher determine the effectiveness of this lesson.

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