Lesson Plan : Literature Circle

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 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Literature Circle
 This is like a reading discussion group it will get the kids thinking all the materials in this lesson are in the folder labeled LITERATURE CIRCLE.
 To understand a book better and to have fun.
 *Be able to summarize parts of a book *Find new words and define them *Writing descriptive questions about chapters *Comparing two different subject matters
 -Book -How to Lead a Literature Circle Packet -Journals(students) -Final Project Packets(students) -Vanilla Folders
 Read the first two chapters of a book and discuss with students. Students interdependently make a prediction about what will happen next. TEACHER- Do not give out jobs yet. Students start to decorate their folder with things they already know about the book.
 Meet with the students to discuss the jobs using the worksheet, give everyone a job. Send students back to read the next two chapters with a partner or by them selves. After they read they make another prediction then they work on their jobs or decorate their folders.
 Discuss the last two chapters, students share jobs and you do the same thing as last time, you just keep doing that till the end of the book.
 Students write a paragraph about their favorite part and if they liked the book or not why or why not. Then they work on the final project packet one activity must be done at the end of the class each class. When they they turn in their folders and the packets.
Checking For Understanding:
 Test create a test covering the whole pack have the students take it using their memory of it. Make sure there is at least one bonus question.
 Go over test and have some students share their paragraphs. If possible have a little party with the theme of the book, like watch the movie of it or eat the food that the characters ate.
 Grade the students on their participation and effort in the discussions final project should be neat and accurate. Test grade as a normal test.
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