Lesson Plan : Junior Compare and contrast paper

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Fryslie
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 How to use the subject by subject approach or the standard by standard approach outline as a guide for the research paper.
 An informational research paper that compares and contrasts an event between two different time periods as discussed in class.
 For this lesson, the goal is to teach the students two different ways of approaching an outline for this type of paper.
 The student who successfully completes the corresponding exercises is expected to: - know basic terms and relationships concerning the parts of a paper - know the difference between the subject by subject approach and the standard by standard approach outlines *Note: The above may not be a complete list: some topics may be added depending on the ability of the class to grasp the subject matter.
 a) Text b) Two outlines; each with the different approaches c) Compare and Contrast chart graphic organizer d) Timeline with spaces to provide 16th-19th century events
 A. Provide an example of an event from the 16th century and an example from the 17th century, compare them, then, contrast them, and finally provide a conclusion.
 Pass out a copy of the two approaches and a copy of the organizer and monitor the type of information they should include or remove before beginning a rough draft.
Checking For Understanding:
 Your understanding of a research paper should contain these items of information for an A paper: * Complete/Process work: * Body of the paper * MLA Format * Works Cited
Teacher Reflections:

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