Lesson Plan : Tuck Everlasting Ch. 1-6

Teacher Name:
 Hope Boner
 Grade 6
 Literature Activities

 Tuck Everlasting is a book by Natalie Babbit. Its about a young girl who meets the Tuck family and discovers the "meaning of life."
 key vocabulary ch. 1-6: Bovine- slow moving or patient; like an ox or cow. Burly- strongly built or muscular Faltered- hesitate Galling- annoying Irrelevant- not important Meager- not enough Melancholy- Sad or depressed Reluctantly- unwillingly Tolerantly- showing patience Tranquil- calm
 My goals for this lesson are for the students to enjoy reading a classic, have fun enriching their reading skills, and for the students to have a better understanding of life.
 I believe the students will cooperate as best as they can. This will cover Reading Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction and Reading Comprehension of Literary Text/Theme and Genre.
 Since the book was made into a movie, I will be showing the movie at the end of the lesson. This will require a television and the dvd and dvd player.
 I will begin the lesson by giving a brief explanation of the fountain of youth. Then ask the students what they would do if given the opportunity for a drink.
 I will then pass out the books and give an introduction on the novel.
 I will then ask the students to volunteer to read paragraphs of the book aloud. If none volunteer, I will elect. The students will need to read aloud to improve on their reading skills.
 We will review what they read the night before (each day) and continue reading aloud.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of the book, I will be giving a 25 question test on their understanding of the book.
 As an award for good grades, I will be showing the movie during class time. This shows appreciation for the students' hard work. I will then offer them the same question about getting to drink from the fountain and we will discuss the responses.
 I believe this will be really beneficial to the students' developments in their reading. They should do well on the quizzes and tests if they do the reading.
Teacher Reflections:
 We will see how this goes!

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