Lesson Plan : Making Inferences

Teacher Name:
 T. Bernardin
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 Realistic Fiction
 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions. Using what you know, what learned, and connections you can make, to tell what you think.
 Students will be able to use their understanding of the world, and the connections they make to the story to make inferences about the characters, setting, and problem.
 Students will be able to make inferences about characters to describe characters in depth from a story. CCSS.4.3 Students will be able to quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.. CCSS.5.1
 smartboard,chart paper, power point, handouts.
 You may not realize this but you make inferences everyday. Anytime you take what you know about a topic, and an experience you've had and you use that to say what you think.
 Make Inferences about Juice, Pa, Ms. Geneva. Model on Chart paper as we read Chapter 6. I will model, through think alouds. I notice from the book, I know from the world, a connection I made was ...
 Students will use what they know to make inferences about characters and setting. They will use What they know
 Red Group: What inference can you make about why Ms. Geneva is there? Blue Group: What inference can you make about why Ma's attitude changed about Ms. Geneva? Green Group: What inference can you make about the sugar cubes and how Pa and Ma felt about Ms. Geneva coming to their house.
Checking For Understanding:
 See if students can show evidence of how they made their inferences.
 Students will share their inferences.
Teacher Reflections:

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