Lesson Plan : Picture Show and Tell

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 Using pictures of things that 103 has been doing this year students will tell the class what is happening in the picture.
 Students can practice using 4 word sentences to describe pictures of themselves and their classmates engaged in various activities. Will have 3 parts to the sentence: - In this picture - Who is in the picture? -What are they doing?
 Students will be working on their 4 word sentences. As outlined as one of their communication goals on their IEP's. Students will use 4 word sentences, with as little prompting from a teacher as possible. They will work on using parts of speech: subject, verb, object and possibly an adjective.
 Students will be able to look at a picture, which is of themselves or someone in their class participating in an activity and describe to the class using a sentence that has at least 4 words and 3 parts of speech, what is happening in the picture. By using pictures of themselves hopefully they will be more engaged in the activity and they will be able to remember and more easily describe the picture.
 -- pictures of Room 103 doing different activities -Chart paper and Markers for, What is Room 103 doing chart -tape -In this picture, Who? What are they doing? picture descriptions -divided pages for choosing activities -boardmaker activity pictures
 So Room 103 we have been doing a lot of fun things this year so far! Today I was hoping that we could look at some pictures of us and we can tell each other what is happening in our pictures. Just like show and tell, we are going to show the picture to our friends and tell them what we think is happening in the picture.
 Tell students what we will say by showing picture explanations: - In this picture -Who is in the picture? -What are they doing? I will demonstrate: - choose a picture -show to everyone - In this picture, Ms. Spring, Jun Jun, Alex and Hussein, are watching a movie
 - Have students come up one at a time -pick a picture - show to their friends - Help them to form a sentence describing picture -tape onto chart
 - For Students who are non- verbal, have them select a picture, or help to select a picture - show divided piece of paper with 2 boardmaker pictures and have them tape picture up under appropriate picture - Have students point to picture sentences ( In this picture, we are, cooking etc)
Checking For Understanding:
 - Have students come up one at a time and read each of the sentences that we have created using the pointer - Can students also read the sentences, or pictures if they were the ones who did not come up with the sentence?
 Great 103, that was so interesting hearing about all the things we have been doing! I hope we can put this up so that we can show everyone else what we have been doing.
 How well did they do? Do they need more practice? How can we help them?
Teacher Reflections:
 How did it go? What went well? What should I have done differently?

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