Lesson Plan : The Crucible

Teacher Name:
 Jodie Nance
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Arthur Miller's The Crucible
 Salem Witch Trials
 In 17th Century New England, people were persecuted for allegedly practicing witchcraft. Students of this period have looked into the allegations and to offer alternatives to witchcraft to explain the people's behavior.
 TLW deeper their understanding of drama as a cultural mirror. TLW identify what generates "guilt" in human society. TLW understand the political/social themes surrounding The Crucible and relate it to current events.
 Smartboard / computer technology posterboard, markers
 At this point,we have read the first few chapters and many characters have been introduced. This lesson is to familiarize each student the different characters on the story and their link to Salem Witch Trials.
 The teacher will list/display each character on the Smartboard that has been introduced thus far, giving brief examples of characteristics.
 Either independently or with a partner(s), compare and evaluate the significance of the accused and those who were accusers of the the Salem Witch Trials.
 The characters are displayed on board for student convenience. Allowance for choice in completing assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Presentation of information to peers.
 Upon exiting the class, students will write down something learned from today's lesson on a sticky note. This information can either be something you learned through self-discovery or through a peer's presentation.
 1) Presentation of poster information 2) grade for cooperative learning activity These are to promote student knowledge of Salem Witch Trials.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will review sticky notes as well as student posters. The information that is repeated most often will be examined. Why do they know more about this character? How was this information presented-orally or by presentation? Was this activity successful? Why or why not? This can help teacher decide how to best present future lessons.

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