Lesson Plan : How Greek Mythology Changed Mankind

Teacher Name:
 Raven Richards
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 How the World and Mankind Were Created?
 Teach the class what the people of ancient Greece believe ,the cause of the world and also the cause of man.
 Aim:What was the purpose of today's myth . Why did the Greeks passed today myth down to generation to generation. Answer :In ancient Greece their was not a lot of technology and science like we have today and many people wondered about how was the world and humans created . That is why they made Greek myth,to have an answer. The myth was passed down from generation to generation for entertainment and to answer many questions.
 We are going to give the class a summary of the myth they have to read the myth ,understand the myth and create a five page book for children in the second to third grade. They will present in class and the best group will get two pieces of candy each. It has to have two to three group members.
 candy, chalk, construction paper
 -announce to the class lesson we will be today -answer motivation -give out myth handouts
 Motivation- What is your religion? How do you believe the earth was created? -Class reading about the myth -Hand out summary
 create a book for a three to second grade class. present
Checking For Understanding:
 ask the to answer t6he aim and name the key points of the story.
 Finish discussing the key points of the myth and then ask the class if they have any questions or comments. feed back on the myth
 I think the class was very pleased with the lesson because it was creative and also informational. The class now , knows about Greek mythology and and why it was told also about our 6topic of the day
Teacher Reflections:
 the students enjoyed the lesson they behaved competitive and ready to learn. when we closed the lesson with the questions the students understand the myth and the concepts of the lesson.

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