Lesson Plan : Multi-Cultural Awareness

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Nancy Gore
 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Multi-Cultural Awareness
 Students will listen, read, write and speak about children from other parts of the world. They will use a handout entitled, Everyone Has a Culture-Everyone Is Different, to assist them as they write about their own culture.
 Students learn about the lives of children around the world and use the book, Children Just Like Me,to compare differences and similarities to one child of their choosing from the book.
 Using the handout, each student will create a page about themselves that is similar to the descriptions in the book. They will use the book's format as a model to create their own page.Each student will complete a Venn diagram showing the similariies and differences between one child in the book and themselves.
 Childrn Just Like Me, by Barnabas and anabil Kindersley. (1995) NY: Dorling Kindersley Publishers. Photographs of students. Writing and drawing materials. Handout, Everyone Has a Culture-Everyone Is Different,Published by Coverdell World Wise Schools. Venn Diagram worksheets.
 Read a few pages from the book to the class. Ask questions about the information given and the way it is laid out on the page. Draw attention to the type of details given about each child. Allow each student to choose a child from the book who they think is interesting and mark the pages with name tabs. Later copy the pages of interest for the children to read further.
 Children use the handout as a pre-writing guide. This will give focus to the information the children each share on their page. Demonstrate how to fill it out with relevant information.
 As each child finishes their page the teacher demonstrates how to fill in a Vennn diagram and shows the student how to compare their own page to the page of the child in the book. Demonstrate how to sort similarities and differences on the Venn diagram.
 The handout can be read aloud and completed together. A word bank can be on the board to assist with spelling of shared responses about holidays, etc.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment will be the completed Venn diagrams and self descriptive pages. Through looking at these I can assess if the student understood the lesson.
 Give each child the chance to show and tell about his self descriptive page and to explain the similarities and differences between themselves and the child they chose from the book. Use the students self descriptive pages to form a classroom book to be on display in the classroom.
 Correctly stating similarities and differences. Legibility. Use of the entire page for self-description. Oral presentation.
Teacher Reflections:

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