Lesson Plan : How I'll Raise Our Reader

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 Literature Activities

 I'm going to explain how I will teach kayanna and what she can expect in the 30 min class time w/ me.
 In a class time I will always make things fun, interactive, and attention span friendly. When I am helping her, I will not distract or give in to answers. She will leave a better reader, and writer.
 Read one book through Write a short story Write all uppercase letters and lowercase letters a little legible Read a short story without pictures
 To make learning to read fun, and almost secretive, yet just as effective. This is not a classroom, it's a designated area. It is a school, yet you don't have to attend everyday or all day. I am a teacher in literal sense, but I'll be called Nicolle and am your friend and neighbor helping. You can read with confidence, and succeed.Class is referred to the time spent working on reading.
 Books galore, and comfy areas to read them, with an activity everyday.
 In the beginning of the hour we will go through what we will be learning and doing. I will always start out with something fun while I discuss what we will be doing.
 Everyday there will be some accomplishment no matter the size and or a improvement.
 I like to do worksheets a lot, so she'll have those often. It helps keep you busy and it's all about practice.
 There will be computer usage, videos, games, worksheets,and some free time.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will secretly be testing her on things she learned earlier, and she won't even know it! Also, being that she's the only "student", she can get 1 on 1 attention.
 At the end of the day, there will be a teacher assessment, and a student assessment, where we will send home our thoughts and feelings on the day.
 There will be periodic skill tests and quizzes yes, but they won't be a major deal, and shouldn't have too much studying.
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