Lesson Plan : Musical Elements of Fiction

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Shipp
 Grade 6
 Literature Activities

 Elements of fiction
 Plot,setting, character, conflict, symbol, point of view, theme
 The learner will respond to various literary genres using interpretive and evaluative processes. Students will explore the creative and thought process of evaluating literature.
 The learner will study the characteristics of literary genres through exploring what impact literary elements have on meaning of the text.
 CD Player, art paper, makers, PowerPoint (laptop, LCD projector, Smartboard)
 I begin by playing a popular song from my childhood that children still enjoy (Children's Story by Slick Rick). After listening to the song, we have a general discussion about what happened in the "story".
 Students are now interested in musical stories. Tell them we will be discussing the elements of fiction. I give powerpoint presentation of the elements, entertaining questions as needed. Students are encouraged to give examples of each, by using think-pair-share strategy.
 Knowing that my class loves music, I use another song. I now play Brandy by the O'jays. We dissect this song based on the elements of fiction.
 Various levels of stories, skeleton note-taking sheets for students needing help taking notes
Checking For Understanding:
 All groups report out and discussion about elements for each story happens.
 Use the WHIP strategy. Students take turns(around the room) and share an element of fiction and an example.
 Students read a short story of their choice. They list, chart, or create a thinking map of the elements of fiction as it relates to the story they chose.
Teacher Reflections:
 If you love to read and can visualize the work, while reading; this lesson will be very self satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this with my students.

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