Lesson Plan : Isolation

Teacher Name:
 Rosa A. Villarreal
 Grade 1

 Phonetic Awareness and Phonics
 REVIEW: Before starting lesson, students will review phonics rule and identify a particular sound in a spoken word and examples will be provided.
 Students will be able to identify particular sound in the beginning, middle or end of word and be able to distinguish sound by relating that same sound to another different word.
 Students are given words ending with the same letter. A total of 5 words will be given. Every day a set of words (5 total) will be given and students will identify particular sound by saying word and identifying the last sound.
 Flash cards, worksheet, computer, chalkboard
 Students will work on trying to pronounce words and identify the sound at the end of the word. Examples such as: identify sound at end of word (cat) (rat) (bat)
 Feedback provided and students has opportunity to act on feedback; have written, visual and oral modeling, small group sessions, verbal and written sessions (by teacher)
 computer based programs, worksheet, homework, guided practice workbook, small group instruction.
 use words familiar to particular culture if needed, allow extra time for completion, use internet sites for easier, better understanding and transition. Self paced program for slow learner
Checking For Understanding:
 Homework, verbal assessment, observation, worksheets
 Students will distinguish sounds at end of word and be familiar and be able to recognize sound
 Worksheets, internet, self paced program for the slow learner if necessary, one to one instruction and support based instruction.
Teacher Reflections:
 Mastery of being able to identify sound by speaking word and identify sound at end of word.

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