Lesson Plan : Adventure On The Sea

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Cole
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Sailing Home A Story of a childhood at sea.
 State Standards: 4.1, 4.5 Genre: Historical Fiction Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues Bow,cargo,celestial,conducted,dignified,navigation,quivered,stern Comprehension Skill: Authors purpose.
 Activate prior knowledge ask them to share experiences. Set the purpose ask them to predict what the story will be about. Begin a Web about sailing ships.
 Identify the author's purpose. Use author's purpose to make predictions. Use context clues to determine word meaning. Understand author's purpose to improve comprehension. Use author's purpose to help predict.
 Text book Graphic organizer of a Web Vocabulary Sheet
 Remind students of the strategies they can use when they encounter a word in the new way. * Use the context to predict a likely meaning for the word. * Try a different pronunciation as well as a different meaning. * Decide whether the new meaning makes sense in the context.
 Explain that historical fiction is realistic fiction that takes place in the past. Real people often appear in historical fiction, but the author usually makes up what they say and do in the story. Sailing Home includes real events the Madsen family experienced living aboard the John Ena.
 Have students determine the meanings of the vocabulary words. Point out that giving a word a different pronunciation sometimes helps readers recognize the homograph.
 Guiding Comprehension with students: * Do you think a ship is a good place to live. * Does the narrator enjoy her life at sea. *Practice lesson vocabulary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher made test.
 Sequence of events Self-check Arrange picture cards in order.
 Readers Response to authors purpose, and perdiction. Multisyllabic work pages 80-81
Teacher Reflections:

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