Lesson Plan : The Great Gatsby ch. 4

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Luck/ Mollie Clarke
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 The Great Gatsby chapter 4
 Movie Quotes Plot Symbols Motifs Study questions
 To show the students characterization with the movie Have students work together in groups to generate answers Show students how to find answers
 Get students to work together Stay focused on task Get students to problem solve together Make sure they get their work done
 The Great Gatsby- movie Worksheet packet
 Question and answer on what symbols and motifs are Recount the answers they already have for previous chapters Ask them what they like/dislike so far in the book
 Ask them what trends they have found so far Ask them to give examples Tell them what I found back when I read the book
 After watching the movie clip they needed to find the answers to the prompts in the book working together. I went around to make sure they were on task
 Helping them find the right page number Explaining difficult words and concepts in the book
Checking For Understanding:
 Asking students to explain what they found and how it connects to the book. If some students did not get the answers, have the students who did tell them/ show them how they did it
 Make sure that there is actual writing on their packets Make sure they understand how to find motifs Have them list the concepts they still do not get
 See if there were questions the students repeatedly left blank or collectively did not understand. Evauluate if group work works better than individual work
Teacher Reflections:
 This is the lesson plan and the format I was given to teach. It was not effective in the long run. For some students it worked better but for most they just goofed off. I would have liked to divide the class in half and made it into a competition instead of having eight smaller groups. There was just not enough to stimulate the students and they let me know it. Had I had enough time to pre prepare things could have been different. The only good thing was that I could see which students worked better in groups and which did not. I get get some of the students who were doing well to teach their fellow students how they got the answers, the peer teaching worked more effectively than the group work.

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