Lesson Plan : Family Traditions and Culture

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Kline
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Family and Cultural Traditions
 This lesson will help students develop an understanding, respect, and appreciation for their family and their traditions and for traditions from other cultures. This lesson uses a read aloud to install a positive attitude towards traditions from other cultures and towards non-traditional families.
 1. To provide a context to discuss meaning in written texts by using the background, knowledge, and experience of the students. 2. Increase awareness of the importance of literacy forms and the power of language. 3. Students will use the writing process to develop a graphic organizer about their traditions.
 1. To read the story, All Kinds of Families by Norma Simon. 2. The students will have an understanding of different cultural, religious, personal, and family traditions. 3. To students will learn how to use a cluster/word web graphic organizer.
 1. The book,All kinds of Families by Norma Simon. 2.Chalk,a transparency of the cluster/word web graphic organizer,copies of the organizers and pens.
 1. Discuss traditions, culture, families, author, illustrator etc. 2. Have students make predictions about the story. 3. Instruct the students to raise their hands when they see or hear about traditions while the story is being read.
 1. Read the story orally to the class. 2. Generate a list of traditions that students have observed in the literature that they have been reading or have utilized in their life.
 1. Teacher will define what a graphic organizer is and the various strategies that it has to organize/generate ideas. 2. The teacher will model the use of a cluster/word web on the overhead projector. 3. Answer questions as needed.
 !. Provide written instructions that are broken down into steps. 2. Allow additional time. 3. Check for comprehension. Provide additional instruction if necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Participation. 2. Evaluate graphic organizers to ensure that they are being used correctly.
 1. Students share their family traditions. 2. In the following days, the students will write/illustrate a page about their traditions. 3. The pages will be pasted on colored paper, sewn together, and turned into a quilt.
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