Lesson Plan : Of Mice and Men Chapter 3

Teacher Name:
 Danny Schaechter
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 The topic is chapter 3 in Of Mice and Men.
 Through this chapter the students will develop their analytic skills as well as their ability to use textual evidence to support their analysis.
 The students will be able to write a brief essay that uses specific textual evidence to support their analysis.
 The students will critically analyze the text to gain meaning, develop thematic connections, and synthesize ideas by writing a brief essay.
 The book Of Mice and Men, penicl, and paper.
 Students will write a brief journal response dealing with caring for someone without question. This will lead into a brief discussion on why they care and what's important about being able to do so.
 Students will be shown how to effectively use quotations and specific evidence from the novel to support their analysis through examples, direct instruction, and whole class practice.
 Students will be asked questions dealing with the plot of chapter 3. During discussion while students answer the questions and discuss other elements of the story, I will have students write specific quotations for the answer and they will have to write the quoations in the format given to them during direct instruction. After the frist few times, I will ask various students to read what they wrote aloud and explain how/why they wrote their quotation the way they did.
Checking For Understanding:
 While they write, I will walk around and check to see if they are using the techniques that have been introduced.
 The ending of class would connect their love and caring for someone in their lives to that aspect in the story.
 I will read the students' responses mostly noting their use of textual support as well as their analysis of the events from the story.
Teacher Reflections:
 Overall, the lesson went well. The students undestood why it was important to use textual support for evidence as well as the effective ways to use quotations in an essay. Also, they showed their analytic skills through the essay which most students did well on. I would have liked to teach them the strategies without having to use direct instruction, so that is something that I wish to improve the next time I do this lesson or one that is similar.

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