Lesson Plan : Reading Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 B. Smith
 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Reading Vocabulary: colossal, creature, heroic, horrifying, monstrous, terrifying, and tremendous
 The student will be able to use the reading vocabulary definitions to write a sentence using each word correctly.
 2.01 Use metacognitive strategies to comprehend. 5.01 Use correct capitalization. 5.02 Use subject/verb agreement. 5.06 Proofread for spelling. 5.07 Edit their sentences. 5.08 Use legible handwriting.
 Reading journals reading definitions pencil
 Student review Reading vocabulary and definitions orally.
 Teacher will model how to use a definition to make a sentence for a word. Think aloud strategies show students how to think through the definition stage to the sentence stage.
 Students will practice a definition with the teacher and together make a sentence from the definition. Think aloud strategies used again to show students how to think about their sentence.
 A rubric scoring guide is used to differentiate the level of work required for a particular grade. 6+ sentences= A 4-5 sentences= B 2-3 sentences=C
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will conference with students after completion of assignment to check for understanding. Points on how to improve sentences will be given and recorded for each student.
 After all assignments are completed, students will share what strategies they used to create their sentences and what was the most challenging part of the assignment.
 The rubric scoring system will assess students and what their grade should be from the assignment. 6+ sentences = A 4-5 sentences = B 2-3 sentences = C
Teacher Reflections:
 The rubric scoring system may be adjusted after students have mastered the requirements. Periodically, the rubric system will be scaffolded for ability levels of students and also to challenge students to make sentences at a more higher level of critical thinking.

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