Lesson Plan : If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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 Language Arts

 How to use the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" with Language Arts
 Language Arts- Our key vocabulary words will be pen, milk, mop, nap, box, book, tape, wall, mice, and nail
 1. The children will develop good listening and spelling skills. 2. The children will utilize correct letter recognition and spelling skills.
 1. The children will listen to the story, and then provide sequential details using the story board. 2. The children will trace the vocabulary words correctly, and then practice using correct letter recognition and spelling.
 Book-"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff, bucket box with items, story board panels from the book, flannelboard, shaving cream, vocabulary work sheet, Boggle Jr. Mouse spelling game
 1. At circle time I will introduce the bucket box to the children. We will discuss the items inside, which will then lead to the introduction of our story.
 1. I will then introduce the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".
 1. The children will listen to the story twice. 2. I will have the children assist with the retelling of the story using the flannelboard and story cards. 3. I will introduce the vocabulary words on sentence strips. As I trace the words on the strips the children will practice doing the same using shaving cream at their tables.
 1. During independent practice I will ciruclate around the room to assist those students who are having difficulties. 2. During free time, I will also have the students who are having difficulty practice the vocabulary words using the shaving cream again.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. I will check all vocabulary sheets and work with those students who are having difficulties. 2. I will also assess understanding and recognition of vocabulary words by facilitating the Boggle Jr. spelling game.
 I will wrap up by letting the children know we have several more mice stories to read this week, and many interesting things to learn about mice.
 1. Vocabulary sheets will be evaluated, and individual students can be pulled for extra practice. 2. The Boggle Jr. game can be used independently and as a teacher directed activity to check for letter recognition and understanding.
Teacher Reflections:
 Effectiveness will be determined after the lessons are taught.

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