Lesson Plan : Cora Unashamed

Teacher Name:
 Marady Parker
 Grade 9-10
 Literature Activities

 Cora Unashamed by Langston Hughes
 Cora Unashamed was written by Langston Hughes. It is based in the time period of the Great Depression (1930s). The story centers around an African American female (Cora) who works for the Midwestern family. It is set in the town of Melton (Iowa). Cora's has been blistered with troubles. She is the sole provider for a family that lives in an African American only section. The story is one of courage.
 This lesson is designed to review the literary film Cora Unashamed by Langston Hughes. Students will discuss and comprehend interpretation questions that involve expanding the elements found in the story. They will offer some insight and/or explanations to their findings, as well as, answer judgement questions that calls for an opinion supported by evidence from the story.
 Students will demonstrate the ability to identify characters, interpret the underlying themes, and answer judgement questions by participating in an activity that requires these skills.
 A packet consisting of a copy of Cora Unashamed and short answer questions covering the literature will be provided by the teacher before the viewing the film.
 The focus will be primarily on particular relationships in the film and how race and/or class affects each of those relationships.
 Relationships: Cora: & Joe & Josey & Mrs. Jenkins (Cora's mother) & Jessie & Mrs. Studevant & Mr. Studevant ("Mr. Art") Jessie and Willie Mr. and Mrs. Studevant
 Students will form in groups of 4-5 people per group. Each group will be given thirty minutes to closely examine a specific relationship from the film. Each group will need to be able to identify and discuss the major issues within their groups.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each group will report back to the teacher and share their findings with the rest of the class. Also, each group will turn in one rough outline of their findings for their group including all the group members names written in the top right hand corner.
 Ten minutes before the end of the period students may ask questions and/or discuss anything reviewed in class that they did not understand.
 Each student will write a double-spaced paper consisting approximately 500-750 words. (1) Pick one relationship to examine; (2) Define the primary themes, questions, and/ or issues in the relationship; (3) Provide evidence in the story that supports those themes, questions, and/ or issues in that relationship you've defined.
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