Lesson Plan : African American History Month

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Elvire Brazela
 Grade 4
 Literature Activities

 Subject: Language Arts/ Reading and African American history
 To use the newspaper and to improve reading comprehension skills. To encourage students to connect to characters in a story or article. Students will be enthusiastic and more engaged in reading and connecting with characters when reading.
 Students will be able to ask themselves what they want to learn before reading a story. Students will be able to find at least five facts they learned. Students will be able to make a connection they have with the famous person they are researching.
 Newspaper article or bulletin board poster cut out of Famous African Americans,1 sheet of drawing paper per pair, pencil, crayons, Non-fiction Fact graphic organizer
 This is part two of a 2 part lesson. Yesterday, we reviewed the rubric. I walked students through this project's process and expectations. Students were broken up into pairs and chose which Famous African American person each pair will focus on. We also list 6 questions they want answered as a result of reading the poster data or the article they chose. They must record their data on the Non-fiction Fact Page Graphic Organizer. Students were advised to save the graphic organizer.
 After reading the article/poster the pair must list five facts they've learned about their famous person. Finally, the pair will write down a connection they've made with their "famous Person".
 Yesterday, I walked students through assignment with sample assignment.I also showed students samples of this project made by students from last year.
 Students will be paired off with other students. My four students who receive Special Education Services will be paired with other students who have strong reading skills. Each Pair will share their work and grade. Pairing students will give my students who receive special education sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of belonging. Use of visual aid.
Checking For Understanding:
 In class, students will complete Non-fiction graphic organizer. On Friday, students will tun in (See Check list).
 The pair will complete student evaluation forms.
 Each pair will share their "important African American" illustration with class on the due date.
Teacher Reflections:
 I chose to use this lesson plan in hopes of getting my students to be more interested, enthusiastic and engaged in reading through illustration and connecting with characters when reading.

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