Lesson Plan : Reading with The Help of Context Clues

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Parker
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Using context clues to find vocabulary meaning. Understanding word usage
 baffled, dumbfounded, pensive, irate, pall, fatalistic, cynical, maudlin, optimist, pessimist, nuances, defensiveness, impulsively, maliciously, hypocrite
 To help students in expanding vocabulary, and increasing reading skills through context clue usage. To strengthen decoding skills using or relating words which mean the same
 Students will be able to pronounce words using phonetic skills Students will be able to will be able to say what words mean in own words correctly Students will be able to write sentences for each word using correct word usage Students will be able to use context clues while reading the story to help them figure out what a passage means
 students will need their language arts notebook, pencil or pen, reading packet, and notes from previous lesson containing context clues
 Vocabulary development using words from the story: The Burden of Race Four Context Clues: helping to figure out word meaning or meaning an author is trying to convey to reader
 Teacher says word first then students repeat Reading sentences given in book for each word Finding meaning by using words in sentences: using the examples the book gives. Finding words which mean the same: what are those types of words called: Students should be able to respond by saying synoynms
 Teacher will put words in sentences(also using other words from previous story) Students will use context clues to determine the meaning in the sentence
 Some students will need dictionaries to use during the lesson Teacher will write words on the board for students who need visual aids Teacher may have to repeat parts of the lesson for students having difficulty staying focused. Some students may need to be partnered up with a stronger student for support
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be given a worksheet for homework to identify the meaning of various vocabulary from reading packet which were discussed in class
 Once students become strong students will be able to begin reading the story completely. Teacher will check for understanding for mastery during the readingof the Burden of Race. Teacher may have to give a complete review of vocabulary for retention
 Students will be given a spelling test in which they will have to show the meaning of each word
Teacher Reflections:

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