Lesson Plan : Fitting Together

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Literature Activities

 Community Building (EDITED 8)
 Building a safe environment for student learning.
 Students will work together as a team to create a puzzle which reflects the input of each student.
 Given media to view, read, and represent information, the students will write for a variety of audiences, experiencing a publishing opportunity.
 1. Bulletin Board Paper 2. Markers 3. Tape 4. Checklist used to evaluate performance
 Students will pick up a piece to a simple child's puzzle upon entering the classroom. Then, they will place their own piece on the puzzle to complete assembling the puzzle.
 The teacher will model creation of a personal puzzle piece by using a marker to write simple descriptors on a piece of bulletin board paper.
 The teacher will provide guided list for students to include on personal puzzle piece: 1. home address 2. hobbies 3. 2 illustrations 4. 3 describing words 5. name
 The teacher will circulate through the room to provide suggestions and encouragement. The students will work in small groups to offer one another suggestions and ideas.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. The teacher will use a checklist to see if puzzle piece includes 5 requirements. 2. Assembly of puzzle by students. 3. The teacher will use sticky notes to make observations about student participation.
 1. The students will post puzzle on wall. 2. The students will create a list of skills used to complete the exercise.
 The checklist created by the teacher will be used as an assessment of following directions. Finished puzzle will also be evaluated.
Teacher Reflections:
 Were the students comfortable talking about themselves? Was I aware of students who needed help with this lesson? What worked today and what can I do to make this better next time?

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