Lesson Plan : Tales of Edgar Allen Poe

Teacher Name:
 Mr M. L. Anderson
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Edgar Allen Poe's works The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, and the Tell-Tale Heart.
 The short stories above represent the Emotional side of Poe and these works should be read before completing the assignment. Vocabulary: narrator, first-person narrative, third-person narrative, plot, setting, Gothic
 1. The student will read one of the works by Edgar Allen Poe. 2. Summarize the vocabulary words by creating an Inquiry chart. 3. Identify the emotions in the piece of writing 4. Create an original work dispalying these emotion on something other than paper.
 This lesson follow the Ohio Academic content Standards for 11th grade English/language arts Writing Applications:
 1. Computer with accesses to the internet 2. Materials for student to write their own works (masks, t-shirts, fabric paints of different colors, brushes, any writable surface that does not contain paper). 3. Sample I-chart 4. grading rubric 5. Tales to Astonish by Edgar Allen Poe
 The educator will start the lesson by review relevant biographical information with the students about Edgar Allen Poe and to explain some of the characteristics of the stories to the students to consider.
 Next, the educator will ask the students to pick a partner and create an Inquiry chart for one of the works that were listed earlier in the lesson and work on the I-chart. When finished with the I-chart, the students give their findings to the class for a grade.
 After that, the students separate from their partners and ex lore the emotions of the piece they just did for the Inquiry. They are to create an original work without using paper.
 All of the art supplies and Materials will need to be purchased in advance or made available for the students to use. The computer lab will have to be reserved in advance to ensure that the students have all the materials neccessary to complete the assignment. Copies of the book will also need to be available for the students as well
Checking For Understanding:
 The educator will use the grading rubric to determine if the students completed the assignment correctly.
 The students will turn in there assignment at the edge of the educator's desk where the in and out boxes are and put their finished product beside the edge of the desk and pick up the next lesson from the outbox.
 The students will be grade based on the criteria that the grading rubric provides.
Teacher Reflections:

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