Lesson Plan : Spelling Words with Prefixes

Teacher Name:
 Stephanie Cheng
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Learning to spell words with prefixes such as "di-", "pre-", "sub-" and "tri"
 Spelling and understanding meaning using words with prefixes Vocabulary: divide different preschool preview submarine submerge triangle tripod
 Students will be able to read, write, spell, sound out, and know the meanings of words through prefixes.
 Manipulate art and literature in learning these words Working together in groups to collaborate a set of words with prefixes.
 pipe cleaners, markers, charts, books
 Read a story with the use of many words with prefixes. Ask class what is a prefix. Give definition and examples.
 Make a chart of the four prefixes "di" "pre" "sub" "tri" Ask class to work in groups to come up with words with those prefixes Sound out to spell those words and give meanings of those words. From that, derive what the prefixes stand for
 Create a chart with three columns: Trace/Copy/Recall Fold the Recall column to the back of the paper until the Trace and Copy column are the only ones visible In the trace column: 1. have all the words with the prefixes In the Copy column: 1. have an open space for each word in the trace column 2. while copying the word, say each letter. (Try to create a rhythm or a tune) 3. After you're familiar with the word, write each letter while saying it out loud but at the last word, only say it, don't write it. (For instance, TRIPOD, T-R-I-P-O __ say "D" instead of writing it) 4. Repeat, except this time, say all the letters but only write until the last two letters. (For instance, TRIPOD, T-R-I-P ____ ____ saying "O" and "D" 5. Continue this until, the spelling of the word is memorized Flip over to the Recall column, and test yourself. Try to spell out the words and write out the prefix and what it means
Checking For Understanding:
 Give a spelling test.
 Using pipe cleaners, the children will spell out words (by bending the pipe cleaners to look like the letter, improving handwriting skills as well) learn previously and create an artwork from those pipe cleaners.
Teacher Reflections:

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