Lesson Plan : Similarities and Differences Within Stories

Teacher Name:
 Katy Sybesma
 Grade 1
 Literature Activities

 Comparing and Contrasting two stories.
 Compare, contrast, similarities, differences, main characters, main points, setting, overhead sheets, overhead markers.
 Kindergarten TEKS: (12) Reading/comprehension.
 The students will be able to discuss main points and similarities and differences of stories. They will be able to compare and contrast the two stories and make a venn diagram to show these characteristics of the stories.
 books: 1.Chrysanthemum: Henkes, K. (1991) Chrysanthemum. NY: Greenwillow 2.Hooway for Wodney Wat: Lester, H. (1999) Hooway for Wodney Wat. NY: Houghton Mifflin
 Have the students define what the word hurtful means to them. Discuss the feelings that people have when they are bullied. Have the students share their thoughts as you write them on the board. Tell the students that you will be reading two books to them in which bullying occurs and that they will have to listen carefully because they will have to discuss the main points of each story and how the stories are alike and different.
 Talk to the students about important parts of a story and define the words setting, compare, contrast, main character, main point, similarities, and differences with the students' help. Next show the students how to make a venn diagram, and draw one on the board as an example. Tell the students that they can use venn diagrams to compare and contrast anything. In your venn diagram example, compare and contrast apples and bananas and show the students how you write the differences in the outer circles and the similarities in the oval area that joins the two circles.
 Read Chrysanthemum and Hooway for Wodney Wat to the students. Ask the students some reviewing questions when you finish reading each story such as, "What type of animal is Chrysanthemum and what type of animal is Rodney Rat? Why was Chrysanthemum bullied and why was Rodney Rat bullied? Where did the stories take place? How did Chrysanthemum and Rodney Rat stand up to their bullies?" Have the students get into pairs and discuss and write down their answers to these questions.
 Give the students plenty of time to complete the task. If you know that some students will have trouble comprehending the story, pair them with more advanced students who can explain main points and vocabulary. Some students might still need extra help, you will most likely have to work in a small group with these select students and ask them many guiding questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once the pairs are done filling in their venn diagrams, have each pair put their venn diagram on the overhead and explain what they wrote down and how the stories compare and contrast.Ask the students questions about the stories to see if they understood the main points and ask them what is alike and different about the stories.
 Go over the main points of the stories with the class. Discuss how a venn diagram is a helpful tool to compare and contrast two things.
 Write down names of students who cannot grasp the concept of comparing and contrasting and cannot define the setting and main points of a story. Jot down notes about what these students do know about a story and what needs to be re-taught to them.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson went pretty well! Most of the students could recall the main points of the stories and they did a great job with comparing and contrasting using the venn diagrams! I can't wait to use venn diagrams more!!!!

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