Lesson Plan : Reading Strategies

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 Jessica W/
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Reading Strategies
 Learning Five Reading Strategies Making Connections Questioning Inferring Visualizing Determining Impact
 Reading strategies help students develop a new way to read and develop critical thinking skills.
 Completion of worksheet in class participation what connections were made was class on task
 Posters with Vocabulary Book by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell "and tango makes three" Worksheet for notes to be turned in after class
 introduction of lesson hand out worksheet go through the five different reading strategies I'm going to read you a book and the goal will be as I read to imagine the words, the sounds of the words, and for you to think of the various characters in terms of people or situations you've known-not in terms of the writer's experience, but your own.
 overhead here we have the five different strategies or examples of questions that we will be asking ourselves as we read question for yourself Are there places in the book you've been to? Can you picture the any of the places in the book have you been anywhere similar does it bring back a memory? What are you thinking as you read the book can you tell what might happen next before we even turn the page? Did you discover the main idea make text with a D if you've determined it? Did you learn something new mark with an L What impact did is it having on you? Question what your reading if there is something you want to know or expand on write it down? These can involve questioning the text or the writer. Give examples point to head and indicate that "I'm thinking of a time when I rode I carousel" Text to self Give Examples though out the book "I had a friend that had two mom's I was living in Washington and remember asking my parents about the two mom's and remember they said that families are made up in many different ways." T-S
 read story monitor reactions from students Are students using their worksheets as I read
 printed copy with different colored highlighters more hands on provide assistance with class aide if needed provide different books with various levels of reading capabilities. Higher levels of reading for more advanced
Checking For Understanding:
 worksheet "Reading Strategies" assess in class participation are students making connections verbal examples are they using correct vocabulary and applying it to the text
 Today families come in many different forms we can have a lot of questions and make many connections to stories and learn a lot from books as you read pick books that interest you remember reading is more then just words it can transport you into many different worlds.
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