Lesson Plan : Making Connections

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Burress
 Grade 7-8

 Understanding Mysteries
 Webbing, diagrams, predictions through a KWL chart. Discussion of specific genre and examples of types.
 The students will be able to identify the characteristic of mysteries, learn to make predictions and create possible outcomes. Students will be able to explain their thinking through diagrams, writing and webbing.
 Students will identify the different genres and specific details about mysteries. Students will be assessed through daily activities that span two weeks and cover a variety of text all within the same genre.
 The wild Side, Beyond Belief.Jamestown(2001). Paper-pencil/class room created charts.
 The teacher will introduce the genre and ask the students what they know about the characteristics of mysteries. Then a classroom KWL chart will be created to document students commentes.
 Next, the teacher will begin the lesson with the first reading by talking about the title, pictures and making predictions. Students will be asked to jot down questions they have as they listen to the story.
 The teacher will stop from time to time and explain her text to text or text to self connections (helping students to create mental images of the text). Students will be asked if they are making any connections. Document on the chart.
 Students who struggle with writing will be allowed to bullet their ideas using single words to describe feeling, image and setting.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be asked a few questions at the end of the text to see if they got the main idea of the story and also to see if they understand that their is not solution given. This will be repeated with each story.
 At the end of the unit. Students will be allowed to create their own mystery through words or illustrations. They will share their stories with the class and see if they can find a solution to the mysteries.
 Students will be given a rubric of each activity of the day to see if they have completed it on time. The evaluation will check their understanding of the characterists and ability to apply them to their own writing.
Teacher Reflections:

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