Lesson Plan : Short e vowel sounds

Teacher Name:
 Fay Roberson
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Phoenemic awareness of the sound of short e.
 Goals are differentiated among students ability levels. 1. Identification of the sound of short e in the middle of words. 2. Students will identify short e words and the picture of the word. 3. Students will read the list of short e words and select the word that explains the picture.
 (Use with special education and remedial pupils.) Given a set of words, the pupil will discriminate the letters in the o consonant e pattern using his tactile and kinesthetic senses by tracing and copying the phonogram correctly in four words. Given four sets of phonograms depicting the /o/, the pupil will visually discriminate the letters o consonant e pattern in the lists of words by underlining the letters which are the same in all the words.
 Jen the Hen book Worksheet alphabet letters
 Today we are going to continue with our discussion of vowels. Could someone remind us of what the vowels are? You remember that vowel sounds are the ones that are made in your larnys/voicebox. Please put your hand over your throat and feel the vibration when you make the e sound of short e. The e sound is another smile vowel with your lips partially open enough to put your index finger between your lips when you make the sound. Let's think about some words that have the short e sound. One could be the person in our room's name who is wearing a blue shirt and has blonde hair (Jen). Other prompts...something you write with...the mother chicken...one of the numbers...etc.
 We have a book which deals with the short e sound to read. Can anyone tell me what the title of the book is? (Preview)Yes, great. Who is the author or person who wrote it? That's correct! What do you think this book is about? (Predict) That's great information and how about if we read it and see? I'll read the bold, black words and you all together read them after I do. (Reader's Theatre - choral reading)
 Now, let's move back to our desks and do our hands on phonics. Use the letters on your desk to make the word Jen. How do you spell it? Great. Teacher writes it on the board. Now use the letters to spell hen. How do you spell it? Correct! Teacher writes it on the board. Same for the word Ben and pen. Now for the mystery word. Use the letters on your desk to make a number greater than 5 but less than 11. What is it? Yes, ten is correct. You solved the mystery!
Checking For Understanding:
 Informal Assessment Can children identify the short e sound from auditory and visual cues and read words that contain the short e sound.
 You have all worked very hard today and done an excellent job of learning the e sound. After recess when we do our writing, we will write a letter to a friend like Jen the hen did. When we come back after lunch, we will study energy (another short e sound word) in our science lesson.
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