Lesson Plan : Fairy Tales Letters

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. G
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

  Who Am I? Once Upon A Letter
 First read a few more fairy tales to your class. Then have students guess who the teacher is acting like and what character she would most sound like. For example, "I really can't wait to see my grandmother. Its so creepy in these woods I feel like an animal is staring at me.. (Little Red Riding Hood) Writing, Language Arts, Computer Skills
 Students will be able to understand the feelings and thoughts of characters. They will look at the stories in a new way. Have students write a letter and learn the different parts of a letter.
 Standards to be Followed: Communication Oral and Visual Uses active listening strategies to identify the main idea and to gain information from oral presentations. Communication Oral and Visual Deliver a variety of presentations that include relevant information and a clear sense of purpose. Standards to Follow Writing Processes G. Publish writing samples for display or sharing with others, using techniques such as electronic resources and graphics.
 Some fairy tale stories Some pieces of paper with just a name or a couple of things to say to act out the character. Computers with internet access.
 As the teacher, act out a character from a well known fairy tale. Express yourself and make sure to move around the room. Read a letter that the teacher has written to the class about fairy tales. You could also use the newsletter that is heading home to let parents know about their fairy tale unit this week.
 Tell the students that they will be doing this as well. Either put them in their own groups, or work together in one big group. Have pieces of paper for the students to pick and a couple of ideas on the paper for them to use to act it out or say in case they are nervous or do not know the fairy tale that well.
 Have students then act out activity while monitoring the progress, if they seem to be having a hard time, then give them a few clues, so the class can eventually guess the character. Write a letter as a group on the screen using the computer. Write the letter to a fairy tale character. Then pair students up within groups and allow them to work on their own letters. They can practice what they want to write about at their desks within groups.
  If a student is shy or nervous help them by either the teacher acting as another character, or have a friend join them as another character in the fairy tale. Higher level thinking 1. Ask students why they think these characters may feel the way they do...then ask why do you think Cinderella was sad that she couldnt go to the ball? 2. Ask students how would feel given (insert situation that applies) 3. Have them compare a character to their own life ie (I was sad when my sister had a b-day party and I wasnt allowed to go skating with them, just like Cinderella couldnt go)
Checking For Understanding:
  Ask questions of the group, picking out the ones not raising their hands to see if everyone understood the idea of the lesson
  Congratulate them on a job well done. Tell them that you are going to be doing even more on fairy tales.
 Check over their letters and see how they did. Go over the parts of a letter one more time to make sure they get it.
Teacher Reflections:
 Pick the childrens group for them so that you can make sure that they can help each other in the best possible ways. Higher Level Thinking Ask students if they know the different parts of a letter Ask what they want to say to a certain fairytale character Ask students why someone would need to write a letter...what are other ways to communicate with someone that is far away?

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