Lesson Plan : Monster Exchange

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Frank
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Genre of the month: Narrative Procedure (recipes, craft, instruction, game rules, science experiments)
 How do we create directions for drawing a monster?
 Students will write directions on how to draw a monster that they create after learning about the "Monster Exchange" and learn about gargoyles at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
 crayons, construction paper, looseleaf, pens
 Students will be asked if they ever saw a monster? Could they describe what the monster looked like? How do you know if you've seen a monster?
 Read a passage about gargoyles at the Brooklyn Museum, followed by a passage about the "Monster Exchange." Students will be shown directions on how to draw a monster. Ask students to try and draw it. Show students the drawn picture that the directions describe.
 Show students pictures of student drawn monsters from the "Monsters Exchange" website. Ask students to draw a simple drawing of a monster. Next, students will be asked to write a detailed description on how it was drawn using precise language and starting each sentence with an action verb.
Checking For Understanding:
 Compare the originally drawn picture to the picture drawn by the other student who followed the directions. Ask students to point out which directions were clear so they were followed precisely and what they might have changed to clarify any mistakes. Ask each student if the directions were easy or difficult to follow.
 Ask students what can make directions easy or hard to follow. Homework: Create directions for how you can obtain a Star from the Star Reader's Wall for the next year's 7th graders.
 Did the students self-evaluate their own directions after the activity was over? Did the students understand the Aim? Did the students use precise language, clear language, transitional words, and organize their ideas in a sequence?
Teacher Reflections:

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