Lesson Plan : How To Write a Biography

Teacher Name:
 Ms. D
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Teaching children how to write biographies.
 Children should be able to go on their own and write their own versions of biographies by the end of this unit.
 For every child in you class to pass this unit. If they don't, you will have to try the unit again in a different manner.
 Every single child should participate in this activity. No child will have any excuses on not completeing the assignment on time and fully.
 You will need notebooks for every student, pencils, pens, and already written biographies. ex. famous people or previous years biographies
 Read the class biographies of different people from history or the present day. discuss the different parts of a biography.
 Start out by doing an example interview for the class. make up interview outlines before hand and have them prepared to be given out as a guide. After the whole class has completed the actual interview, do an example biography. A good idea might be to write about yourself, a made-up person or a fantasy character.
 Have the class write their edited, good copies and hand them in to you. Pass them out to a student of whoms paper it isn't.
Checking For Understanding:
 grade the children on all parts of the biography, not just the final draft. look over the pre-writing and out lines and add them into the grade. kids like you to leave coments on why they got the grade that the did on the bottom of the grading rubric.
 to wrap up the unit.... Have each child read their biography to the class. Once every kid has read their biography, have them give it to the person of whom the wrote it about. For example.... if Hannah wrote her biography about Zoey then Hannah would give Zoey the completed biography after she read it to the class. make sure the class understands the parts of the biography before completing the unit for good. You may want to create a small test as a reference to how well they understood.
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