Lesson Plan : The Wave

Teacher Name:
 Miss Scharneck
 Grade 7-8
 Literature Activities

 Addressing the issue of peer pressure in society and in the novel the wave.
 1.)At the end of the lesson students be able to recognize peer pressure within the novel THE WAVE and in their own lives. 2.)Students will also be able to awknowledge the roots of of peer pressure and what choices to make regarding it.
 notebooks, THE WAVE by Ron Jones, pens.
 Tell student's you heard a story in the hallway. Student A told student B about a party and asked him if he wanted to go. Student B said he doesn't go out on school nights and he has a test to study for. Student A tells Student B that he can always study for the test on the bus the next morning, but he'll never get a chance to go to a big party like this again. Student B is hesitant, but student A keeps pushing - telling his Student B that everyone will think he is so cool going out on a school night etc. Student B eventually gives in. Ask students what they would do in this situation ?
 Define peer pressure. Write def. on board. have students copy into their notebook. peer pressure n. - Pressure from one's peers to behave in a manner similar or acceptable to them.
 Discuss why peer pressure affects individuals: What do we know about societal pressure? (Possible answers - Pressures are everywhere.) (Discuss with students how peer pressure is depicted in other pieces of literature or in movies, television, or music lyrics). Explain to students that the ideal of love and friendship assumes a level of responsibility toward the other person that prohibits causing danger or harm. Forcing someone to engage in an act is not an act of love and friendship. -What Happened in The Wave (movie and book) that proves peer pressure can induce danger and harm? (Possible answers fights, verbal abuse etc) What are some ways that Peer Pressure can be used positively in the classroom, school, and at home?
Checking For Understanding:
 Assign unfinished essays for homework. Recap on peer pressure.
 Goals 1 and 2 were evaluated in the essay under Independent Practice.
Teacher Reflections:

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