Lesson Plan : Poetry - Cinquain

Teacher Name:
 S. Nazario
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Poetry - Cinquain
 cinquain noun adjective verb onomatopoeia phrase lines
 To write a cinquain To meet NCSCS Communication Skills Competecy Goals 3: The learner will use language for critical analysis and evaluation, and Goal 4: The learner will use language for aesthetic and personal response.
 After hearing, seeing and discussing examples of cinquains, the learner will write a cinquain using all components correctly about rain on a drop shape.
 rain shower on cassette hands-on rain percussion activity on posterboard "Puppy" and "Clock" cinquains on overheads overhead projector and screen chalkboard & chalk mini chalkboard & chalk for each student rain drop pattern blue construction paper for each student pencil, black marker & scissors for each student bulletin board title "Rain Cinquains" on umbrella shape
 Have students listen to a tape of a rain shower with their eyes closed. Then have students participate on hands-on rain percussion activity. Ask students to share their experience of rain with eyes closed and during activity. Tell students that they will be writing a cinquain about rain.
 Review nouns, adjectives, verbs and phrases. Teach onomatopoeia. Have students brainstorm examples for instruments. Read "Puppy" and "Clock" cinquains. Have students identify the number of lines. Discuss what a cinquain is.
 Have students identify each part of the cinquain for "Puppy" and "Clock." Using the blackboard, have students assist you in writing a cinquain titled "School."
 Students who cannot write can dictate to assistant as she writes. Students with handwriting difficulty may write their poems on drop with drawn lines.
Checking For Understanding:
 Understanding checked during independent practice with eith conferencing and questioning during the drafting process to prevent frustration of having to redo raindrop.
 Call on student volunteers to share.
 Students will have to identify a cinquain and its components on a test of various examples at the end of the poetry unit.
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