Lesson Plan : Oodles Of Moons

Teacher Name:
 Kim Solodky
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 reading and writing
 Classifies and categorizes words into sets and groups with common characteristics. Applies phonetic strategies to read by: -Using initial consonant substitution in rhyming words and word families; -Using beginning, medial, and ending consonants to orally decode one and two syllable words; -Using short, long, and "r" controlled vowel sounds to orally decode one and two syllable words; -Using consonant blends and digraphs to orally decode one- and two-syllable words
 To increase the child’s vocabulary through -oo- words to reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge; through both written and oral communication.
  The child at the end of this lesson will have a larger vocabulary and will be introduced to vowels and the different sounds they make. By composing a list of five to ten words that include the vowel combination -oo-. The child will also draw a picture of that word and write what they think the definition is; as well as read the words allowed.
 1) Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch 2) Black construction paper for each student 3) Yellow construction paper for each student (half sheet each) 4) White chalk and/or white crayons 5) Scissors 6) Glue 7) Dry erase board 8) Dry erase marker and eraser 9) Paper and Pencils 10) Provided Check List
 Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch demonstrates how the littlest things mean the most to a friend. And no matter what love warms our hearts the most, even a little bear.
 Discuss Happy Birthday Moon; Construct word lists and have the child make a present they would give to the moon. Give examples for each step and always check for comprehension during each activity.
 student read -oo- words to teacher.
 Modifications for students with significant disabilities; a "helper" to help cut the paper. If the child has a difficult time coming up with ten words, reduce to five, or ask the class to help think of additional words.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher should ask the child to read aloud the -oo- words and then have the class as a group say the -oo- words together.
 Close the lesson by reviewing what happened in the story and allow the students to share their birthday present for Moon. Teacher can then display student work in the hallway if desired.
 Could collect the word lists or in review during the next class go over Happy Birthday Moon and have them write a short story about a bear having them utilize the -oo- words.
Teacher Reflections:

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