Lesson Plan : Fixing a Broken Heart

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Humphrey
 Grade 1

 A couple days before Valentines Day, I cut out pink and red hearts. I fold the heart and put a addition or subtraction problem on one half and the answer on the other. I then cut the hearts in half using scissors, then mix the hearts up. Put the hearts in a ziploc bag and give each student a bag. They take the hearts out and try to put the broken hearts back together again, putting the answers with the right addition or subtracting problem.
 The students are using their math skills to solve the problem with the correct answers. The students need to do this in a timely manner. This helps alot with solving addition or subtracting problems.
 The students will practice solving the problems by finding the correct answers.
 broken heart math pieces that are already to go
 Take the broken heart math pieces out of the bag. I want you to solve the math problem by finding the correct answer that goes to each problem. If you find the correct answer that means you fixed the broken heart.
 Take a heart with a problem on it and hold it up in front of the class. Search through the broken heart pieces to find the correct answer to your problem.
 As the students are doing the lesson, walk around the room checking to make sure they are solving the problems and getting the correct answers. Let them know how they are doing as you are walking by.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask the students if they are doing okay with the lesson. If some are not ask them to please raise their hand, so you can help them.
 After they have completed their math problems. Have the students put the broken heart pieces back in the bag. Ask the students how they liked doing the math problems. Ask if anyone has a question about what they just done. If there are no questions, move on to the next lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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