Lesson Plan : Vowel Diphthongs

Teacher Name:
 Layla Rummel
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Duration: 30 minutes
 Students will learn vowel sound /ou/ and improve decoding ability.
 Students will learn to recognize that the letter patterns ow and ou stand for the /ou/ sound. They will identify the /ou/ sound when we review words on the board, transparency, and worksheet.
  Board,Transparancy 104,Word Sort Worksheet
  I will explain that some vowels make a special sound when they are next to each other and these vowels cannot be sounded out individually. We will call the ow, ou sound the "pinch" sound.
 I will write cow and out on the board. We will say them both together. Then I will underline ou and ow in each word. As I point to the ou and ow in each world the children will call out the /ou/ sound and make the pinching motion. Duration:5 minutes
 I will display Transparency 104. We will go over the first spelling word together, empahasing the /ou/ sound in each word.Then I will randomly point to a spelling word and have the children read it out loud. Next the children will read aloud the sentences and ask them to identify the words in the sentence that have the /ou/ sound. Duration:10 minutes
Checking For Understanding:
 While the students are working on their assignment I will circulate around the room helping those in need.
 Children will be instructed to turn in the worksheet or put it in their file folders to finsih later
 I will grade their worksheets. If there are any students who were unable to grasp the concept, I will set up one on one time to go over material.
Teacher Reflections:

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