Lesson Plan : Getting Down with Grammar

Teacher Name:
 Glenda Jones
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Beginning Grammar: Basic Parts of Speech
 Eight parts of speech Functions of each part: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections
 Students to review basic information that has been taught them to this point in reference to basic parts of speech as they function within the grammatical lessons. Students to feel confident in their prior knowledge and willing to tackle new information related to the same topic of basic grammar.
 Students to be able to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the functions of each part of speech. Students to be able to use each part of speech in sentences and other prescribed writing.
 Review Worksheets, Overhead projector, PowerPoint presentation on parts of speech, tape players for group activities on review of materials with tapes
 Begin with basic review to see what students KWL (regarding parts of speech) Have worksheets ready and use PowerPoint presentation for review Engage students in think pair share and KWL activities
 Give PowerPoint presentation as means of review and have students take notes (will later make slide copies available but want students to take notes first) Use overhead projector to do think pair share and KWL activities for review with students
 Divide students into groups with tape players and the activity will be like mock interviews where students will challenge and test their group members on what they know and remember of the information Students will make tapes, take notes, be responsible for keeping notes on what fellow group members know and then report back to class. Students will make up as groups (mock tests on their best information, i.e., a group is strong on info of verbs and how they function, another group may be strong in prepositions and their functions etc)
 As there are two students who are ESL there will be an aide to help with the reading and comprehension of the activities. There is also a student with a learning disability who will require someone to write the answers for them and also prepare the homework assignments (the aide will assist with the student)
Checking For Understanding:
 There will be a discussion time before and after the group times to check for comprehension of the information being covered. I will then explain the two activities that will be coming up that will assess the students' abilities to work with the grammar materials we are going to be covering over the next few weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks there will be a review and a mini test before moving on to the intensified areas of the grammar component of our English period. There will also be a paper due in 3 weeks that will require the students to make use of their basic understanding of the materials (this will be a 2 page research on the part of speech that they find most difficult to work on)
 After the students come back from group activities and share what they have been doing, we will take a mini quiz over the materials they present and homework and other assignments will be given that will reinforce this review.
 Group activities will be evaluated by the tapes they turn in, the worksheets they completed, and the mock tests they prepared within their groups. Discussion time will also be evaluated for participation and understanding.
Teacher Reflections:
 After the two weeks are completed and the worksheets, and other materials are all turned in and review and tests have been graded, I will be better able to determine which parts of speech I may have to spend more time with in the following weeks as we continue with the grammar lessons.

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