Lesson Plan : Creating Compound Words

Teacher Name:
 Meredith Diederich
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Making Compound Words
 Language Arts
 Given a list of words, students will be able to identify and create compound words by writing the correct word pairs with 95% accuracy.
 compound words poster, compound words flashcards, blank pieces of paper for each student, baseball, markers, compound words worksheet.
 I will be holding a baseball and ask the students if they can tell me what it is called. After they say 'baseball', I will write the word on the board and explain to them that baseball is a compound word. I will explain that a compound word is two words combined to make one word. (Ex. cup + cake = cupcake) Can anyone tell me what this is? - Knowledge
 1. After the class discussion about the baseball and a few examples, students will identify the 2 words used to make the compound words on the flash cards. Can you change this compound word to make two separate words? - Comprehension 2. I will show students the compound word poster and explain that some of the words on this poster can be combined to make a compound word. Can you write an example of a compound word using the words on the poster? - Application 3 The students will use the words on the compound words poster to create compound words and write them on the board. 4. After all of the possible compound words have been written, I will give each student a piece of blank paper and tell them they will need their markers for the next activity. 5. I will show students my example of a compound word picture as I explain to them how to fold their papers and where to put the compound word, two separate words used, and pictures. Can you create a picture illustrating the compound word you chose and the two separate words used to make it? - Synthesis 6. I will ask for a thumbs up/down so I know if they understand what they're supposed to be doing. 7. I will be walking around the room as the students are making their pictures to check on their progress. 8. After students finish their pictures, I will ask if anyone wants to share theirs with the class. Does everyone agree that these (students' examples shared)two words can be combined to make a compound word? - Evaluation 9. Then, I will pass out the compound word worksheets and explain the instructions and let them know they will have class time to finish it since they will be turning it in. 10. Before students start working, I will again ask for a thumbs up/down to check for their understanding of the instructions. As they are working, I will be walking around the room monitoring their progress.
 Students will identify which words were used to make the compound words on the flash cards. Students will then form compound words using the words/pictures on the poster, finding the correct word pairs.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will check for the students' understanding by asking them to give me a thumbs up/down if they understand the instructions for making their compound word pictures, as well as the instructions for the worksheet.
 To review the lesson, I will ask students the following questions: Can someone tell me what a compound word is? Can someone give me an example of a compound word? What two words made ____________ (use student's previous example of a compound word)?
 I will assess students' skill based on their responses during the lesson, their compound word pictures, and their performance on the worksheets.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will ask myself the following questions after the lesson: Did I teach the information in a way students understood? Did I go too fast/slow? Were there any modifications I needed to make while teaching this lesson? Is there anything I would change? Did I give students enough time to complete activities/games? Was my objective met?

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