Lesson Plan : Learning Literary Genres

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Caban
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Different Genres of Books (EDITED)
 Terminology: genre, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, science fictions, realiatic fiction, myths,legends, folktales, biography, autobiography, poetry.
 Students will be able to identify the aspects of each genre. Students will be able to define and understand the terms: genre, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction, myths, legends, folktales, biography, autobiography, poetry
 Given a test, the students will to match each genre to the correct definition with 100% accuracy. Given partners, the students will play a matching game, matching each genre to the correct definition with no errors.
 Overhead transparency with genres and definitions, and squares with definitions and genres.
 Teacher will explain the genres of fiction and non-fiction and poetry to the students.
 Show students some examples of each genre and explain why a particular book is in a certain genre.
 Students will get into pairs and play matching game with squares that contain definitions and genres.
 Students will only be given half the squares to work with I will modify the test into two parts, and each test will be multiple choice with only two possible answers.
Checking For Understanding:
 I monitor students' progress and will observe the points each student obtains.
 I will give out definitions and students will raise hand and answer. Monitor students who do not raise hand. Teacher and class will summarize the lesson of the day.
 A test will be given to the students for evaluation of the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students work well with partners? Do I have to review techniques for team work? Was the lesson successful? What made it successful?

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