Lesson Plan : Persuasive writing

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Greensmith
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Persuasive writing in informal letters (EDITED)
 Structuring a personal letter
 Students will be able to write a short personal letter with a logically organized sequence, broken into paragraphs.
 Given a checklist to follow, students will write their own persuasive letters, consisting of two paragraphs.
 Model letters and checklists for distribution overhead projector chart with rules for writing a letter
 I will distribute a letter I have written to the children for them to review. Use the overhead projector to display letter.
 Together we will review the letter to discover how I have structured the letter so that it has a logical sequence.
 We will use a checklist I have prepared to see how the letter fits the checklist of clear structure. Students will work with a partner to review the checklist and review assignment.
 Some children will have to write only single sentence paragraphs. Children performing at a higher level will need to revise their letters to include longer sentences.
Checking For Understanding:
 Children will review their letters according to their checklists to see how well they have structured their letters. I will read letters during small group work.
 The teacher will take one example and ask the children to comment. Teacher will guide the conversation, praising the accomplishments of the students and working with what needs to be improved.
 The teacher will observe the comments of the students as they review during closure. The final letters that are written will also be evaluated.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students benefit from a check list to follow as they wrote their letters? Was the objective achieved? What can I do to make this lesson more meaningful to the students? What worked today?

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