Lesson Plan : "Bud, Not Buddy" Can you draw me

Teacher Name:
 Mattie Kelly
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 NCSCS 2.02 Students will make predictions; ask questions; draw on personal, literacy or cultural understanding; Interact with text before, during, and after reading, listening, and viewing. Teach students the comprehension strategy of imaging and creating graphic representations to enhance their understanding , and help them to learn from what they have read and to remember what they have read.
 Students will analyze the first chapter of "Bud, Not Buddy" and be able to draw a mental picture of a story character by drawing on their personal, literacy, or cultural understanding. They will then write a description and draw a picture of the character using references from the story.
 The book entitled "Bud, Not Buddy" Drawing Paper,markers, paper and pencils,
 Today, we are going to exercise our minds. We are going to learn about mental imagery. We are going to create pictures within our minds.
 Teacher will share her mental image of a few of her students before she met them based on information found in their Cum Folder. Ex. "Before I met you (the class), I had developed a mental image of how each of you looked, what kind of student you would be and etc." Teacher will share some of them. Teacher will engage students by asking about their mental image of her. What kind of teacher did they think she would be?, etc.
 Teacher will turn of radio and have students close their eyes and listen for a few minutes to an announcer and then draw a mental picture of what they think he or she looks like, what kind of house he lives in, what kind of neighborhood he lives in, describe his family and etc. Make a list on the board.
 Students will then gather in small groups of 5 and compare their descriptions, using a Venn Diagram and create ONE descripion and ONE picture of Bud.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will read their description and show their picture to the class.
 Teacher will use a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the descriptions from the groups and briefly discuss them. Teacher will remind students that imaging and creating a mental picture is a strategy that if they practice it, it will help them to better understand what they are reading
Teacher Reflections:

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