Lesson Plan : Book Response

Teacher Name:
 Thea Ball
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Reader reactions and emotions created by reading a body of work.
 The book we are reading is Knights of the Kitchen Table. This lesson can be applied to any body of work.
 The students will write their own personal responses to the book they have been reading as a class. They will draw on their listening comprehension and memory to create their own response.
 1. Independently reflect on the shared reading chapter book and record at least two responses to the book. 2. Provide a critical analysis of a body of work with their own flair on it.
 Journal, Book Response Poster, chalk, pencils and erasers, Knights of the Kitchen table
 Discuss the book with the class. Go though the main events to refresh their memory. Brainstorm on the board. The focus should be on predictions and outcomes.
 Talk about the form a book response takes. How to set up the page. It must include the date and the title of the book, the chapter if necessary and the heading Book Response. This will be review for them. Have the students give you a few example of how to start a book response. Then put up the poster of book responses. Demo one response to the chapter book together. Remind students that they need to write in full sentences and not point form. Check for capitals and punctuation.
 Students will work in groups of three to determine 3 ways they could have improved upon the body work.
 Samatar will be given three fill in the blank type responses to write. Dalton may need a scribe after he has finished his responses in order to see what he was thinking.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have a few students share one of their responses with the class.
 Talk about what it feels like to finish a book. Are they going to miss the characters? Do they like the author? Would they like to read more from him? Is there anything they didn't understand from the book or something that confused them?
 Look to the students journal for quality of their writing and structure of their sentences. Take anecdotal records during class. Noting any problems.
Teacher Reflections:

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