Lesson Plan : Inflections ed, ing

Teacher Name:
 Katrina Abbott
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Adding -ed and -ing to a word ending with -e.
 Students will understand to to change a word ending with an e to one ending with ed or ing, the e needs to be dropped and then the ending placed where the e was
 Dry erase boards, ginger bread men with b, a, k, e, ed, and ing on them.
 Review silent e concept with the ginger bread men. Ask students what they remember about the silent e. Explain that the e is afraid and that is why he makes the other vowel say his name.
 Tell students that when someone new comes to join the word e runs and hides so that no one can see him. The other vowel doesn't know that he left so he still says his name. Then the ending takes the e's place and a new word is formed.
 Write two words on the board. Select two students to come up and change the word. Check if correct. Write another word on board, have first student select from their team the next person to come up. Repeat until everyone has gone up at least twice. Have students help eachother to get answer correct.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students what does the e do when a new ending is being added to the end. Make sure each student is answering correctly.
 Pre and post test: Ten words listed on the left hand side with line next to it. Read the word and then tell the students what they are to change the word into.
Teacher Reflections:
 -Need to change the post test so that it is different from the pre test-students remembered what was on the pre and went ahead, distracted rest of class. -Have students tell what they are doing while up at the board.

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