Lesson Plan : Seasons in poetry

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 Grade 7-8
 Literature Activities

 How poets use the seasons' sensations in writing (EDITED)
 Poems of Robert Frost and other acclaimed canon poets. Key vocabulary: Alliteration, assonance, consonance, rhyme scheme, and iambic pentameter.
 Students will be able to learn what alliteration is, how it works to establish "word music" for the reader's ear, and how to apply it in their own writing. Students will be able to learn how assonance and consonance are used to make a poem "flow".
 Given the choice of titles: "Weathered wooden western wall," "In Innisfree is independence," or "Black Jack strikes back." students will write at least one example of alliteration, assonance, and consonance.
 Overhead projector, boards, related materials, texts.
 Each student will write a journal entry regarding a weather incident that each child strongly recalls (5 minutes). Students are put into groups, taking turns reading stanzas of Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," then Hayden's "Those Winter Sundays." Students will have a Question and Answer response session.
 The teacher will give the following examples and model the use of: 1. Alliteration: Whose woods, His house, his harness, etc. 2. Assonance: evening..year, sweep..easy wind, last two lines. 3. Consonance throughout. Frost uses iambic quatrameter and a rhyme scheme of aaba, ccdc, eefe, ggg.
  The groups will attempt to write an entire story where each individual word in a sentence begins with the same letter. Students may change letters from one sentence to the next, but each sentence must be completed using only one "first" letter throughout.
 Audio and Video presentations for extended assistance Guest speaker: Careers in English expert from local college.
Checking For Understanding:
  Journal entries In-class communication: answers to questions, etc. one-on-one conferences in class
  Overview of topics covered Addressing additional questions
  Project scores and participation Test and quiz scores Quick writes and in-class assignments
Teacher Reflections:
 How effective was this lesson? Were students about to understand and follow through? How will I follow up this lesson? How will I assist those who were unable to complete the objective?

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