Lesson Plan : Hot Words for the SAT

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Hall
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Building Vocabulary: The High And Mighty Words relating to feeling superior.
 1. Word Cluster---different words related to a single theme; 2. Words-in-Context---excerises to help develop a more powerful vocabulary;
 1. to enhance a sophisticated vocabulary using the SAT * I words 2. to prepare students for the verbal and writing part of the SAT
 1. Students will build their word power; 2. Students will understand word meanings; 3. Students will recognize words in their reading; 4. Students will know how to use words in a sentence;
 Lesson 3 from the text: Hot Words From The SAT * I
 A Richard Paul Critical Thinking Strategy called SEXI. This strategy will be used to determine the students' understanding of the term "Superior." Once this strategy has been completed, we will discuss the term.
 We will go over each of the 14 term in this category. 1. Do you see anything familiar about each term---root that might help you figure out the definition? 2. What do you think the word means? 3. Based on your definition, use the word in a sentence.
 Students will be assigned the 3rd lesson for homework. They will have several days to work on the assignment and ask questions before we go over the lesson on Thursday.
 With the two regular classes, I will work through the lesson with them. They will be asked the same type questions, but they will be teacher directed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Vocabulary quiz on Friday. Students will be expected to spell each word and be able to use them in a writing activity.
 Students will be given their tests back.
Teacher Reflections:

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