Lesson Plan : Literacy Block--Join the Circus

Teacher Name:
 Pamela Horton
 Grade 2
 Literature Activities

 VOCABULARY athletic, circus, contraption, performance, pyramid, somersaults, ability, certificate, demonstration, intermediate, laps, paces FOCUS SKILL Author's Viewpoint
 Discuss the effect of an author's choices for nouns, verbs, modifiers, and specific vocabulary which help the reader comprehend a fiction or nonfiction text
 The Learner Will: Use context clues to find the meaning; and examine the author's decisions and word choice.
 Power point slides, textbook, smart board, computer, AV projector
 Use the vocabulary to build a mental picture of what the selection may be about. Look at the pictures in the book to make predictions about what the author is going to write about.
 Use a quick art lesson to show viewpoint and purpose for the selection. Then have students "chat" about what direction they think the selection is going in and why the author used the pictures she used to convey her viewpoint.
 Partner read/guided questions for answering and discusion/recalling information/using context clues
 Centers: Each center has modifications for different groups that rotate through. Vocabulary Phonics Fluency Spelling
Checking For Understanding:
 Grade workbook page. Have open discussion regarding author's viewpoint. Have students complete a written journal or white a relection. Reteach those who have not mastered the skill.
 Give one last example of author's viewpoint. Compare and contrast example with reading selection. Give an example of how author's viewpoint will transfer into the next selection and give a teaser to next weeks selection.
 Give a five question assessment on Author's Purpose. If students score below 60%, reteach the skill.
Teacher Reflections:
 Author's Purpose and Viewpoint is not the easiest for students to understand. Giving a great introduction is key in "priming" them.

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